Fino's: a family history

Fino is a very particular restaurant
which was founded in 1958 when
Serafino and Vanda Casadei took
over the little Sailor club on the port,
and started serving simple, exquisite
and very fresh fish courses such as
anchovies, soles, clams and squid
which were just fished and taken
by the local fishermen.

Since the 60s their son Giorgio with
his wife Graziella and their children
kept on the family art and continued
preparing the best fish and the most
delicious courses of Romagna haute
fish cuisine.

Then, the restaurant became a meeting
point of a large crowd of people who
filled the Emilia-Romagna Riviera.
A lot of holidaymakers, tourists, artists
and night owls often sit down outside
on the terrace and enjoy an appetising
fish walking kebab.

Adriatic fish just fished, egg pasta,
piadina still handmade, all of them are
prepared with the same love and care.



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